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    This product, Optical Component Coherence Reflectometer, measures distribution measurement of optical reflection with TD-OCT(Time Domain Optical Coherence Tomography) based on the principle of Michelson interferometer. Show an image of the principal above. The light output from the low coherent light source is divided by a coupler and lead into DUT (measuring object) and a movable mirror. When the distance between coupler and DUT, and the distance between coupler and the movable mirror matches, each reflected light come back to the coupler, and interference occurs. The intensity of interference light is proportional to the optical return loss of DUT, so it is possible to know the optical return loss of DUT at that time. Moreover, it is also possible to find out the position of the optical reflection accurately by the position of the movable mirror. By measuring the interference light constantly using the movable mirror, measures distribution of the optical return loss of DUT.

    OCCR Apex system measurement distance is 1.2m,the range of optical Return Loss is -10 to -100dB.


    World highest class detection for

    Ultra low Return Loss


    Accurate measurement of micro crack position

    Resolution Less than 100um

    Measurement Distance  Rang


    High Speed measurement

    Approx 8 sec


    Description/Model Number

    OCCR Apex GERM1

    Measurement of optical return loss

    Measurement functions

    Distribution measurement of optical reflection

    Measurement of wave length

    1310nm Range

    1310nm Range and 1550nm Range (option)

    Distance range0 to 1200mm
    Sampling resolution of distance measurement0.9,1.8,4.5,10.7um

    Repeatability of measurement distance


    Spatial resolution

    Less than 100um(Optical return loss:14.7dB,at 0mm point)

    Less than 20um(Optical return loss  50dB or more at 0mm point)

    measurement range of optical return loss

    10 to 100dB

    Measurement accuracy of optical return loss


    Measurement time

    Approx 8s or more

    Applicable Fiber


    10/125 SM

    Number of Fiber

    1 Fiber