Compact Multichannel Insertion Loss & Return Loss Meter OP940-CSW

Compact Multichannel Insertion Loss & Return Loss Meter 

  • Product introduction
  • Specification parameter

    The compact multichannel OP940 is an internally switched

    Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) meter designed for MPO/

    MTP ® testing. With a design that reduces setup time, cost, risk,

    and footprint, the OP940-CSW is the evolution of the MPO/MTP ®

    testing experience that is used worldwide by industry leaders.

    The fastest and most accurate IL and RL test system in the

    industry is better than ever.

    • Simplified Test Setup

    The compact multichannel OP940 measures quickly and accurately without the

    use of mandrels or index matching gel.

    • Fastest IL/RL Measurement

    A 12 channel, dual wavelength, IL and RL test with the compact multichannel

    OP940 takes less than 60 seconds.

    • MPO/MTP ® Interface

    The compact design of the OP940-CSW significantly reduces time and cost.

    With an MPO/MTP ® front panel interface, there is no need to use expensive

    fanout cables that over-complicate the cable setup and more time-consuming to

    prepare. The reference and measurement processes are faster, more efficient,

    and less prone to error than ever before.

    • Most Accurate RL Measurement

    The compact size of the OP940-CSW was achieved without compromising quality

    or accuracy. By making use of a wide dynamic range (SM, FTTX: -10dB to -80dB)

    for RL measurements, the OP940-CSW is able to adjust for attenuation in the

    reference setup, which results in the most accurate RL results in the industry.