MultiFiber Polarity Tester
  • Product introduction

    The OP480MT MultiFiber Polarity Tester automates testing for broken and crossed fibers with immediate and easy-to-read results. Since it uses a non-contact method of testing, the OP480MT reduces the number of times a cable must be connected during production. With fast testing time and customizable configurations, it can greatly reduce major bottlenecks in the production process. Once connected, polarity and continuity are identified almost instantaneously 



    Fully automated 

    Tests up to 12 channels in under a second 

    No physical contact during measurement 

    Works with single mode & multimode cables 

    Configurations to test multiple pinouts for 12 channel, 8 channel, and 4 channel cables, as well as custom channel counts and mappings 

    Charges via USB port 

    Up to 90 hours of continuous use on a single charge

    When an OP280MT is used as the source for OptoTest’s OP480MT Multifiber Polarity Tester, the OP480MT quickly displays results for many different ribbon configurations and channel counts including type A, B, and C. Additionally, it can be configured with any number of custom mappings via utility software.