Launch Condition Analyzer System
  • Product introduction

    The OP1021 Launch Condition Analyzer is a convenient and compact benchtop Nearfield and Farfield scanner for optical fibers. Coupled with windows application OPL-LCA, the user can scan and easily plot both the Nearfield and Farfield patterns of any compatible fiber. In addition to comparing the Nearfield and Farfield patterns to standard launch templates, the Encircled Flux is calculated and compared to various IEC templates.


    OPL-LCA is the companion software to the OP1021 Launch Condition Analyzer. It controls all aspects for the farfield and nearfield scan and offers templates for nearfield/farfield launch as well as encircled flux. 

    Displays the nearfield or farfield plot in a user friendly graph. 

    User defined step size for both Nearfield and Farfield actuators allowing the user further control of the scan resolution and scan duration. 

    Data exportation into an Excel spreadsheet for further data analysis. 

    Quick chart printing directly from OPL-LCA. 

    Encircled flux calculations with the ability to load encircled flux templates for various launch condition specifications. 

    Mode field diameter is measured via the direct farfield measurement technique.