Multichannel Environmental Test Station
  • Product introduction


    OptoTest’s Multichannel Environmental Test System (OP-METS) provides an optimized turnkey solution for environmental testing of up to 144 single mode or multimode fiber assemblies or passive components.


    Completely customized; built to meet customer requirements 

    Facilitates environmental testing per GR-326-CORE, GR-1435-CORE, Verizon FOC 

    Qualify single fiber (FC, SC, LC, etc) or multifiber connectors (MPO/MTP, MXC, PRIZM-LT, etc) 

    Multimode and Single Mode wavelengths: 850 / 1300 / 1310 / 1490 / 1550 / 1625nm 

    Multimode IL sources can be configured to meet IEC/TIA specifications (Encircled Flux) – upon request 

    Mandrel-free Return Loss testing 

    Can run up to two tests simultaneously (e.g. short term tests alongside ongoing long term tests) 

    Used by industry leaders in fiber optic connector manufacturing, military, aviation, and academics 

    Available in unidirectional and bidirectional configurations 

    Power meter options include large area detector, multichannel power meter, integrating sphere, and remote head 

    Compatible with all Windows operating systems after Windows XP, including Windows 8 and Windows 10