• Product introduction

    Domaille Engineering’s AbraSave® MT-EZ Fixtures are specially designed for efficient holding to minimize protrusion height variation of MT/MPO Ferrule, while maximizing yields and polishing film life. The patented MT-EZ clamp system has been miniaturized to in-crease port quantity to 20-24 ferrules while using Ø5” polishing media.

    24port(20port) MT/MPO Fixture and 12port MT/MPO Fixture use the difference Holding Fixture and Splash Guard

    Benefits at a Glance:

    Patented MT-EZ clamping system

    Miniaturized clamp body to increase port count while maintaining Domaille’s robust quality

    Increase port quantity to 20-24 on Ø5”media

    Utilizes an external hex head clamp screw to extend the life of a clamping components

    Available in straight or angled configurations