• Product introduction

    Domaille Engineering is proud to announce our new OptiSpec® DE2600-S1 microscope. The DE2600-S1 is de-signed to provide a quick view of theentire MT end face with special blue lighting for enhanced end face particle detection. Our DE2600-S1 accommo-dates all of the standard PC and APC connectors including the entire MT con-nector Series.

    Benefits at a Glance:

    Ideal tool for production area as well as laboratory inspection

    View entire MT end face as well as each in-dividual fiber

    Adjustable low angle high density blue illu-mination, ring light illumination, and LED co-axial illumination.

    High Resolution CCD Video

    Video Magnification 42x, 589x & 1184x

    Receptacles for UPC, APC and Multi-Fiber connectors

    Special end face particle detection ability